vacation with josh

i like the quiet mornings
when my thoughts are not enthralled
in the things i could be doing
straining stillness in my brain

now, thinking in this silence
of the book i had just read
like the voice used by the author
got stuck right inside my head

still i ponder the options
limited by my travels
i have packed some pens and pencils
a notebook and my sketchpad

i know i can do yoga
anywhere that i may please
how i love such activities
when they don’t need a suitcase

and we only checked one bag
when we flew down to Georgia
but i should probably shower
and get myself out of bed

i smell the coffee brewing
feel the pounding in my head
but the silence is so soothing
that i may lie for awhile

because there’s no agenda
beyond just simply being
at this moment and it’s freeing
knowing that this is my life






Angela Bachmann

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