Estée Lauder— Revitalizing Supreme+ Global Anti-Aging Cell Power Creme REVIEW





I received this sample size Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme+ Global Anti-Aging Cell Power Creme for free as a complimentary gift from Influenster for testing purposes only.




As you can see in the pictures above, this cute little sample-sized product came in a chic, single colored box which included the product itself as well as an information card containing all the details about what this product was supposed to do for your skin!  What I learned from that information is that this product is designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as increase the firmness and elasticity of skin to help it appear younger and less dull.  Considering I have just embarked on my quarter-life crisis and have realized that my body is no longer functioning like that of a child, this anti-aging creme came to me at the perfect time to make me feel young and fun again!

The packaging of skincare products has never been a make-or-break thing for me, so let’s just focus on what this product can do rather than what it’s appearance looked like.  Right away I noticed that it had a really thick, creamy texture to it, which I wasn’t a huge fan of.  The product did say that it was made for all skin types, but for someone with very oily skin, I almost always opt for a lighter feeling skin care product.  Luckily, most of the thickness just melted away right into my skin upon application and didn’t leave much of an oily layer behind which I was really surprised by!

Being that my skin is (hopefully) still in it’s youth, I didn’t notice a huge difference in the elasticity of my skin.  After a few days was my skin more firm and young looking? I can honestly say that I’m not sure.  What I did notice was that my skin looked more vibrant and less dull after about a week of using this product in the morning after washing my face and applying toner.  The biggest difference that I saw was also in my biggest problem area, wrinkles.  I have big frown lines and a few forehead wrinkles that always seem to look the worst at the end of the day.  I am a very expressive person and whether I’m confused, angry, or just being plain silly, I always tend of be furrowing my brows together and creating more depth to the wrinkles that I already have.  After just a few days of using this product, I already was noticing that at the end of each day, my skin was looking more smooth that I was used to.  I was really impressed with the fact that I noticed results in this area so quickly and was so happy with the confidence I felt from knowing that my frown lines were beginning to nearly completely go away solely from the use of this product.

Overall, I would recommend this product but only depending on what your target problem areas are.  It did seem to cause a little flare up on acne for me, possibly just because it was just a new product that my skin wasn’t used to, but I worry it’s because of the thick texture of the formula clogging my pores.  I don’t believe that there has ever been a cure-all skin care product created because everyone has completely different skin with completely different needs, but I do believe that depending on what you’re looking to get out of a skin product, this product has the potential to be exactly what you need!












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7ccfb39b-022d-41d7-8d3e-eafa546f8018-1-e1559865191582.jpegDISCLAIMER: I received these e.l.f. 16hr camo concealers for free as a complimentary gift from influenster for testing purposes only.








As you can see in the pictures provided above, these products came in the cutest camouflage box ever! Inside the box was an information card which gave a sample of the large shade range that this concealer comes in, as well as lots of detailed information about the product on the other side of the card.  Through reading the information provided, I learned right off the bat that this product is a full coverage concealer that was made with an oil-balancing formula that turns into a powder-matte finish that won’t settle into fine lines.  This product is to be used for concealing, as well as sculpting, contouring and highlighting!

The actual packaging of the concealers was simple, yet chic.  The packaging included a picture of the huge applicator that this product comes with in it’s full size so you know exactly what it’s going to look like before even opening the product.  The applicator in general was a little too big for my liking, but for what I’ll be using it for it still works out just fine!  The two shades that were send to me are Light Sand and Light Peach.  These colors were both a little too light for my skin tone, but I only think that happened because when I took the survey on the app about my skin color it was winter and I hadn’t been tanning and now my skin is much darker than it normally is during the long (and grueling) months of a Minnesota winter.  With that being said, both of these shades work perfectly as a highlighter with my favorite of the two being the Light Sand.  The Light Peach shade had a very peachy undertone whereas the Light Sand had a more olive undertone to it which is closer to my skin type all year round!

This product didn’t end up being as full coverage as I would have liked it to be but the claims of it lasting all day really stood the test of time and NEVER even created fine lines on my under eye even after wearing it while spending lots of time outside in the hot, sunny weather where the rest of my face continued to get more and more oily.  I was so impressed with the long wear of this product and can’t wait to continue to use it more!










(left: Light Sand, right: Light Peach)



internal destruction breeds
and precedes life, yet
I only ever noticed the beauty
each flower had to offer
forgetting the traces of time
embedded deep beneath the surface

do the soils feel such pain
as I do as we carry the future within us
together as unwilling hosts
to the beings not yet birthed
not yet breathing air alone

or do the plains of dirt
long to contain the procreation
of a waiting womb
searching for fertilizing substance
to fuel some future, unknown and still

an egg planted within
that never asked to be ignited
into pains of interior reconstruction
to accommodate another

the smooth, skinny flatland
not yet showing physical sign
of the rooted stem
but suffering sore consequence inside
is rid of its intruding plant
flushed out in pools of red
relieving the earth of mistaken obligation
free to remain
simply soil





Angela Bachmann

Bedtime Stories

words spill out of my body
only in the hours in which I am so
sleep deprived that my senses
do not filter out my authenticity
with an anxiety to write something
beautiful, instead my insides turn
out and I am exposed for all
that I am in the least poetic sense

I crave being pretty poetry and yet
my lines only ever align in the time
which I am barely even conscious
breathing heaviness behind my eyes
forcing my hand to stroke the page
for only a few more words written
before I fail to stay awake
trying to grasp my aching wonder
suppressed into a sleepy mind





Angela Bachmann







skin stretches and pulls against the bones
protruding through my figure, plunging
out like a swan dive
off of the quarry’s edge, elegant and yet
because the starvation is tiring
and the will power left to fuel the swim
to shore is waning away
with the rush of the water against the winds of the land
and each meal mixed up in the blender beneath my ribs
before resurrecting to the place it once began
only this time leaving violently
between convulsions of hurling motions
as my head whips down as a finger
slips free making way
for the stream of self-hate to erase
itself from my body

only it is always there

with each glance at the slim reflection
rippling into the lake
pushing and pushing and pushing and
distorting the reality of my image and
as my figure dances with the waves
I can’t help but to believe
this fragmented, broken being
is the most accurate evidence of my appearance
that I have ever seen





Angela Bachmann







no wifi on the plane

things to Google later –
airplane flight routes
do planes fly over big cities
crop circles
Denver airport conspiracy
how to get ears to pop
how do clouds form
air plane crashes
last time an airplane crashed
Bermuda triangle
how to tell if earth curves
what does burning fuel mean
flat earth
how high do planes fly
who invented skydiving
death count via skydiving
how do planes fly
how many lakes are actually in MN
pilot average annual salary
50’s pop singers and racism
earth population
can you die from turbulence
Borns music
is gum bad for your teeth
is gum bad for your jaw
chewing gum to quit smoking





Angela Bachmann

skinny dreams

skinny dreams
(recurring nightmare)


night 1:

water, water
water, water
eating air instead of meals
hotter, hotter
hotter, hotter
sweating until i can’t feel
pretty pink and
pretty poison
sleeping right inside my brain
baby, baby
baby, baby
live this life like i’m in pain

night 2:

water, water
water, water
wash it down with pills like rain
hotter, hotter
hotter, hotter
guess i’ll always be the same
pretty pink and
pretty poison
blood on my red comforter
baby, baby
baby, baby
like i forgot how to care




Angela Bachmann