“how did your pride taste?” she said

but you’re still laying in my bed

it felt like swallowing an apple

but I’m Adam and you’re Eve

because the lump got stuck inside me

now it’s clawing out my throat

push it down until it turns to cherry

red hangs from a rope






Angela Bachmann


what if I’m not scared anymore?
what if I leave my house
each morning
feeling ugly and free
and if I run into someone
who might recognize me
I do not hide

but I greet them with a smile
and a confidence that knows
I am the same person
that I was when I posted

that 38th try at a selfie

that I edited for hours
covered in filters that I cannot hide
behind in public
because my appearance
does not define me


my appearance does not define me






Angela Bachmann

house party

one night I had to take care
of a boy who kept on crying
as we held each other closely
and he sang into my ear
with his best friend standing near
nodding at me to continue
to console him in the moments
he was just barely alive





Angela Bachmann

Rosary at the Altar

I just say please
won’t you be my priest
put me on my knees
teach me how to pray

nursery toy
won’t make me enjoy
Hail Marys, fuck boys
confessing my sins

hell and heaven
killing life within
did the Devil win?
I swallow his seed

Our Father says,
“day our daily bread”
but I’m giving head
so my mouth is full





Angela Bachmann


please calm me down

red lines run up my thighs
rub aloe on anxiety
sharp nails shredding through skin
I’m sinking in my memories
reminding me of times
I almost died but here I am
my brain keeps telling lies
my ego is so paper thin
it shatters every day
I grab glass pieces as they fall
I cut away the pain
but still in darkness death will call






Angela Bachmann